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Bioconfusion™ is an evidence-based real food weight loss program that combines the latest research on fat mobilization with several of the most effective fat loss principles we know, so your body can shed pounds fast - often without experiencing the extended weight loss plateaus caused by metabolic adaptation. If you’ve ever used Muscle Confusion theory to train your muscles, Bioconfusion™ is a similar concept.

This is the exciting part! Most individuals who try Bioconfusion™ lose between 9 and 14 pounds in 2 weeks on the first phase (P1) Quick Start program. However, in one of our initial research trials, one person lost 17 pounds in 2 weeks, but that's not typical. He did follow the protocol exactly, though, and remained very well nourished the entire time. And, of course, he's a guy - SO irritating! (But you already knew that, right?)

So, here's what you really need to know. Our bodies are utterly brilliant biological machines that adapt quickly to any shift in exercise and/or eating habits, That's a very good thing for human survival but a lousy side-effect of trying to lose weight using any one particular diet method for very long. Hello - this is your inconvenient diet companion, Extended Plateau, come to stay for-like, forever - okaaaaayyy?

To beat this biological dynamic, the Bioconfusion™ protocol makes a habit of changing the food rules just before your body gets a chance to adapt to maximize your excess fat reduction in the most effective manner possible. Therefore, if you're using the Bioconfusion™ method you'll be on many different diets at once. All of these diets can be effective if used for short periods of time. And that's why we rotate their base structures to get the best results possible by avoiding biological adaptation without losing important nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Intermittent Fasting (IF), high fat, low fat, low carb, complete carb, high calorie, and low calorie - we use them all to keep your body from adapting to your eating plan and stopping your weight loss progress. More importantly, on the Bioconfusion™ protocol you will never go without proper nutrition.

We know that kind of craziness can cause hair loss, hormonal uprisings, dull saggy skin, and even worse, like some of the best known diets do. We've all been willing to do almost anything to lose weight at s some point (like when we're desperate and feel so fat and heavy). Nope, no way, not anymore! You will never look like you're on the "crack diet" or had the flu for months using the Bioconfusion™ protocol.

Becoming stronger and healthier, while losing excess weight fast, is definitely possible - and I'm living proof...


The WMAL Bioconfusion™ weight loss program has four distinct phases that take you from overweight to your healthy goal weight - and keep you there over time.

Phase 1 – Quick Start (P1)

Phase 2 – Core (P2)

Coming Soon…

Phase 3 – Bridge to Carbs (P3) or Bridge to Low Carb/Keto (P3 Keto)

Phase 4 – Longevity Maintenance (P4)

Our basic 12-week Bioconfusion™ weight loss coaching program includes Phases 1 & 2, which will help you lose those pesky first 20 pounds in a safe and healthy manner while renewing your metabolism and balancing weight grabbing hormones in less time than you ever imagined possible.

If you’d like to continue with your weight loss effort and WMAL Bioconfusion™ Results Coaching after your first 12 weeks on the program, simply ask your coach to extend your program on a month by month basis. The information guides for Phase 3 Bridge to Maintenance and Phase 4 Longevity Maintenance will be provided free of charge as you continue making progress and maintaining results in our Bioconfusion™ coaching program.

Overview of 12-Week P1 & P2 Program:

Drop – Roll – Renew

Our 12-week Bioconfusion™ outcome goal is simple: … become well nourished, lose 20 pounds, and keep it off.

When we work with our clients, there are 3 things we focus on to help you achieve great results. Together we will focus on the following:

  1. DROP First, we’ll drop a quick 10 pounds and increase your digestive capacity (so the food you eat will actually get into your cells), and you will begin to look and feel better fast
  2. ROLL Once we’ve laid a healthy foundation and you’re on a roll, we’ll focus on building new routines and bulletproofing your weight loss effort. You’ll get the exact methods our clients use to lose weight fast, overcome cravings, beat the binge, fix the occasional food mistake, plan for special events, and deal with all those daily diet challenges that can easily lead you astray. Mistakes do cost a bit of time, but you do not have to be perfect to get control over your weight long term.
  3. RENEW In our final phase, you’ll lose the last of your “first 20 pounds” (maybe more!) and incorporate fast and effective exercise and stress control techniques to renew your metabolism and transform your relationship with food forever.

As a result of focusing on these three core areas (and executing them in the right way), you’ll be amazed to see how much your body will change in just 12 weeks.

My bet is that you’ll be out shopping for new skinny jeans before you know it!

why are so many of us overweight?

Why are we getting so fat? This is a tough question, and though we know more today than we have for years, there are still too many variables for science to fully discern exactly why so many of us are fatter than we’ve ever been before. It’s tragic, really. Most of us are not wildly binging on sweets or overeating until we’re stuffed or sick to our stomachs – so what gives?

Well, it's a complicated issue, but there are at least a few key reasons we can focus on to help us understand the issue better.

First of all, as a country we seem to have developed a form of "fat blindness." Over time, as more and more of us have become overweight, carrying excess weight has emerged as a new societal norm. In other words, as we see more large bodies, we begin to see large bodies as "right" or "normal." Add in vanity clothing sizing and super size meals, and our entire society seems to be suffering from body dysmorphia. Without being unkind to anyone, we need to realize more people being overweight does not make being overweight any less dangerous for our health. But, of course, there’s more to it than mass delusion.

Simply stated, the main cause of America's obesity epidemic is combination of outdated human biology that doesn't match modern activity levels, culture, family food habits, demon food scientists/corporations, some momentarily effective (yet unfortunate) emotional coping devices, and estrogen mimicking pesticides and hormones in farming.

Bottom line, we made some bad food choices and our hormones and evil food scientists conspired against us. That's how most of us get to be "fluffy." After that, society stepped in to confirm being overweight as normal, and then many of us began to think being overweight is not an important issue to confront.

Carrying too much fat is a big deal.

Being overweight or obese will likely reduce the length of your life and reduce your mobility and quality of life as you age.

Which Diet is right for me?

Which diet is right for you? The one that's made for you!

It's accurate to say most of our clients will need to cycle between diet styles to lose weight quickly and avoid extended plateaus as much as possible.

However, if you're carb sensitive, have insulin resistance (Pre Diabetes) or are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes you'll definitely need to lean into the lower carb side of things as your diet base. A few of our more athletic clients do need more complex carbohydrates mixed in from time to time, but that's generally reserved for when they are training hard for a specific athletic event. Also, if if feels like your hormones are driving things for you lately, your program will be need to be arranged individually to help stabilize those concerns.

The truth is: biology can be complicated and certain wellness challenges will need an individualized nutritional response. What may be helpful to know, is that most of us who become overweight after our teen years have some level of insulin resistance in play. The basic Bioconfusion™ protocol is specifically built to address insulin resistance, therefore it works very well for most people.

Basically, if you're weight has edged up over the years or after you had kids, you'll likely to do very well on the standard Bioconfusion™ protocol. But if you have underlying hormonal difficulties, liver, kidney, or pancreas challenges, and/or digestive issues we may need to tweak your personal protocol to meet your individual metabolic needs.

So here's the whole picture. This is what you've been searching the internet for, and we can help you.

You can get from where you are now to where you want to be, even if you've been this way for a long time. With a little help you can do this. You're not too old to try again. You're not too sick to make this work - and even if it feels like you've always been this way and you're pretty sure you always will be...

Whenever you're ready - we're here to help!